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Your Home on the Internet

TL;DR: spend time and energy on your website, not just on your social media content.

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen countless changes on social media platforms, tweaks in the Google algorithm, new ad products, Instagram adding stories to compete with Snapchat, Facebook adding stories to compete with Instagram, the rise of TikTok, Instagram being acquired by Facebook, or Facebook changing to Meta - and so much more.

The digital landscape is always changing and there’s always a new place to be, whether it’s TikTok in 2017, Instagram in 2010, Twitter in 2006, or Facebook in 2004.

With the ever-changing nature of social media, we can’t stress enough the importance of owning real estate on the internet.

A social media profile is like an apartment—rented space. There are many factors outside of your control and there are limitations to what you are allowed to change about an apartment. You may be able to paint but you can’t demo walls, put in new cabinets, landscape the yard outside. And you’re ultimately subject to a property management company.

Your website is your business and brands’ home on the internet. It’s the place you can knock out walls, re-do entire bedrooms, install a new furnace – you name it.

The funeral profession has been quite excited at the prospect of pushing out social media content, and that is completely understandable. New digital platforms are exciting and it’s natural to want to be where the people are.

But never forget the importance of driving users back to your website – where the information is richer and the experience is tailored to your brand. Of course, the Google algorithm changes constantly as well, which speaks to the importance of employing SEO strategies to rank well in search.

If social media platforms no longer existed tomorrow, or if the algorithm changed completely, would you be prepared? It sounds like a doomsday threat – and it’s not intended to be. Algorithm changes are an everyday reality when entire media platforms are outside of individual users’ control.

Social media platforms are an excellent place to be, but the objective should be to ultimately encourage users to visit your figurative internet home for warm cookies and a cup of tea.

Your website is that home on the internet—you should be waiting with a great site experience, giving families an important touchpoint with who you are and how you operate.

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