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What we do best.

We know you have more important things to do than pull together creatives and strategists from every corner of the map for a project. That’s why we do it all—so you can take care of families while we take care of the rest.

Custom Creative

We produce a variety of materials for our partners. Whether it is a brochure, GPL, handout, sign, or anything else, we create collateral that no other funeral home will have. Our custom creative work guarantees a final product that reflects the unique brand identity of the funeral home.

Public Relations

We love promoting events, marking occasions, and spreading the news about our funeral homes. Nurturing the relationship with your community is vital whether you’re new to town or you’ve been there for decades, and we can help you keep the conversation going by supplying and distributing engaging press releases about your business.


From visual elements like colors and logos to the driving forces behind your business such as your mission and values, we love working with partners to identify what makes them different. Once we've identified the essence of your brand, our team will compile it all into a thorough brand book and/or style guide.

Search Engine Optimization

Through a variety of tested SEO strategies, we help our digital partners grow their site traffic over time. Marketing efforts for our partners revolve around making sure families can find the funeral home when they have an at-need situation, and to do achieve this we help partners rank higher in search engines.

Turnkey Creative

In addition to the market-specific, custom creative our team will create for you, we have broader turnkey creative that is ready for use in your funeral home. This includes brochures, display ads, signage, and more that provide information on cremation, pre-planning, hospice, and other common topics. Our off-the-shelf catalogue also includes holiday kits and veterans packages.

Blogs and Social Media

The content we create for our partners’ blogs and social media channels offers a way to connect with the community and those following along on social media. With relevant, compassionate, funeral-industry focused content, we seek to both educate and also provide a connection point.

Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign is a great way to build consistency for your brand while optimizing the effectiveness of individual marketing tactics. Our campaigns are designed around the brand identity, direction, and goals of the funeral home. We can assist with placing ads that are created as part of the campaign.

Video Production

Our phenomenal video crew will capture the interior and exterior of your funeral home, as well as local highlights in your community. We will obtain plenty of quality footage and use it to create evergreen clips and commercials. Our team will compile a variety of videos for use across TV, website, and online mediums.

Paid Search Advertising

In addition to SEO efforts, many of our partners choose to utilize paid search advertising if they are in an especially competitive market or if they are expanding into new geographic markets. Our goal is to drive inquiries that your funeral home would not have received from organic SEO efforts alone.

Print & Mailing Services

We handle all of the elements necessary to fulfill your printing and mailing needs. From a super-complex custom creative piece to our mindfully designed turnkey pieces, we will manage the printing so you don't have to. And when it comes to direct mail, we know that it's all about getting your message into the hands of the right people at the right time. Our print and mailing services are fast, affordable, and perfect for your next direct mail or printing project.

What Our Clients Say

B_0338 copy.jpg

Nathanael Billow

The Billow Company

"The videos @need Marketing did for us are exquisite. They even made a few of my own staff tear up, and we've received a ton of great feedback from the community."

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