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Become the go-to funeral home in your community for veterans and their families.


In the Funeral Home

Assure military families as soon as they step foot in your funeral home that they're in the right place, even before the first handshake.



Let visitors to your website know that you are passionate about serving veterans, and let everyone else know through your social media.


In the Community

Find the support you need to get out in the community and show families just how dedicated you are to supporting veterans and their families.

Become a VMP Member

Wish more military families chose your funeral home for services? We can help with that. Always wanted to hold an event to honor your community's veterans? We can help with that. Want to post more to your social media about serving veterans? We can help with that. At VMP, we consider ourselves to be the bridge between military families and funeral homes that offer superior care to veterans and their families.

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